Kiken (kikenseishin) wrote in furrykin,

Rant: Furs and Sex

What is it with most furs and sex? Are these peoples lives so boring and worthless that their primary thought is sex and how they can obtain it? Maybe they dont care about the health ramifications or the emotional scares in which they inflict on others, or themselves. Perhaps they think just because their fursonas are clean and pure, that nothing bad will happen. News flash people. Everything you do in real life effects your fur life and the same goes with your fur life. News was given to me about a fur at anthro con that was HIV positive trying and succeeding at haveing sex with everyone he can find. He had no care of the people he was infecting, as long as he had sex. I personally because of these people will never have sex with any fur at a con or meet unless I'm mated to them. If I find or see any furs that are abuseing, infecting, or any other hainess act turd another. I will personally DEAL with them in my own unique fashion of justis.

See you out there......
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