Abaddon (apotheosiswolf) wrote in furrykin,

Don't kill me... Please.

Excuse the melodrama in the subject, but I very rarely post to public forums/communities because I have an annoying habit of getting shot down even if what I gotta say falls within the community parameters.

Anyhoo.. Short and sweet. A resoure that may or may not be of interest to the spiritually inclined amongst furries is a book called "The Art of Shapeshifting" by Ted Andrews, ISBN 1-888767-32-4, and you can get a sneak peek at


The book's got a dozen excercises, and while the book doesn't teach zoomorphing (no surprise there), he does cover auric shapeshifing, dream shifting and personification which looks like a form of invocation... Which, yes, is a gross generalization.

Anyways, if this is of use or interest to folks, great, if not, feel free to ignore this.

Abaddon / Apotheosiswolf
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