Sprockey (sprockey) wrote in furrykin,

Animal symbology

I've been reading up alot lately on animal imagery in medieval folklore and hagiography. Now, as if to top this burst of enthusiasm off, they're hanging up a 16th century tapestry at work, depicting myriad flora and fauna of "the new world."

The image has doggish squirrels, a lion, and some sort of weird gazelle-ish deer, surrounded by thick jungle leaves, all bunched up together, drawn by people who'd clearly never seen the particular species they were trying to capture.

These animals must have seemed so exotic to them, like aliens.

Anyway, I've just been thinking how amazing the power of animal imagery is. It has captured man's imagination and resonated in his soul since the very get-go. Sometimes they're chattel, sometimes they're sacred, but they're always in our stories - being all archetypical and such.

The power of animal symbology blows my mind when I try to wrap my brain around it.

Then there's us furries - thousands of people who, for some reason or another, felt strongly enough about a particular animal to identify with it personally. It's pretty amazing to be part of that.

Being a dog makes me feel, ironically, more human.
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