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"So don't adjust that dial; and, while we're gone, if any talking animals ask you to buy some tacos or beer-for God's sake, do what they tell you."

This community is intended as a forum for furries to talk about and explore their unique spiritualities. This group is here to explore our animal natures and what draws us to the furry movement/fandom/lifestyle. What drew us to create personal furs, how we relate to our furry personas and more. We're here to talk about spirituality, totems, past lives, magick, sexuality, humans, society, what sets us apart, what draws us together, you name it. If you have some kind of animal form or totem you might get something from this group. :) Simply being a furry pagan/xian/Jew/other makes you a welcome addition. This group is about spiritual furry, totems, and spiritual activity. Trolls will be dismissed and mocked. Flamers will be dismissed and mocked. Drama is forbidden. We’re here to have a good time and provide a safe forum for our own unique brand of insanity. ;) If you can’t play nice, we will get rid of you. :)